Chicken Coop Ideas That Deliver Exceptionally

Chickens are classified as farm animals that needs total care. They are small and need little space to thrive. Chickens often fertilize the ground where their housing is located. They provide organic eggs and can be used as meat for meals. Purchasing a prefabricated chicken coop may cost some extra dollars, but if you have the basic carpentry skills, achieving your own goal will never be difficult again.

Retrofit coop is a type of chicken housing that remain commonly used today. You can save effort and money by retrofitting an already existing structure to keep your chickens. To start with, you can negotiate a large barn, corner, playhouse or a shed when envisaging on retrofit coop chicken housing. All you need you need to get the setup going is a hardware cloth and light 2-by-2 inch framing.

This can be used to close a coop for your chickens easily. A simple door can be constructed using a hardware cloth. Ensure that it attaches to the front of the space. Now, you will have to cut a hatch for your chickens to access the surrounding environment.

Keep each chicken within a space of 2 square feet. Ensure that the ground where your chicken coop is located remains easy to clean. When constructing the retrofit coop, ensure to consider the floor surface. Make sure you can be able to clean dirt, linoleum or concrete easily. The retrofit system is also counted as chicken coop ideas that deliver exceptionally.

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The chicken tractor remains a small housing that your poultry can dwell in safely. It is also counted among the best chicken coop ideas that deliver exceptionally. The chicken tractor remains a semi-circle of cattle panel. It is often bent into a semi-circle shape and attached to the corners of a wooden base structure. The back can be closed with hardware cloth and lumber. For access of the coop, ensure to include a door with an enclosed front. To keep your chicken dry, the coop can be covered with a tarp. This can as well be applicable during winter months. This type of poultry housing can be pulled from one place to another.

The chicken feeders cannot be underestimated when talking about poultry housing system. A doorway or notch can be cut from 3-4 inch piece of PVC pipe. You can keep the doorway to about 2 inch high at the bottom of the pipe. Do the same to the pipe’s circumference. The uncut side of the pipe should be perfectly screwed. Ensure to keep it between 1-3 inches high above the base of the pipe. The inside of the coop should be screw along side with a 5 inches sewer cap. The feeder should be placed at the level of the chicken’s back. This will enable your chickens to eat of eat with ease. To keep the chickens hydrated, ensure to hang a large water bottle.

The nesting boxes are also great source of housing for your chickens. They are counted among chicken coop plans ideas that work effectively. To lay eggs, your chickens need a dark, dry and clean nest. A simple nesting box can be constructed for your chickens carrying a sloop roof. This will keep your chickens from nesting on them and creating mess. Ensure to create a nest for one or two chickens.

Using the explained ideas in this text will help you to create a wonderful housing for your chickens in time of need. If you need more tips on how to get the best chicken coop plans you can visit to learn more on this topic now.