Aerospace fun facts

Aerospace fun facts

Many high-level executives in government and industry began their careers as engineers. Large-eddy simulation of Richtmyer-Meshkov instability in converging geometries and in fluids with exotic equations of state. T5 shock tunnel and a series of investigations into chemical reaction rate effects on shock standoff, boundary layer stability and transition, transverse jet interactions, facility characterization and advanced diagnostics, and vorticity production behind curved shocks. Continuing education to keep current with rapidly changing technology is important for engineers. At any given moment, there are about 61, people airborne over the mainland United States. Developed Explosion Dynamics Laboratory and studies combustion, fuel properties, and fluid dynamics relevant to explosion initiation and propagation. Experimental development with Rosakis of highspeed thermography to follow the evolution of energy conversion at the tips of rapidly moving cracks and in the evolution of shear bands.

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Aerospace fun facts

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