Coventry big fun

Coventry big fun

He kept his head down and was really the ideal young professional. A week later he played in the home draw with Bolton but appeared on the losing side for the first time on Easter Saturday at Portsmouth. Ray was six years older than Brian and had played ten games since joining from Redditch Town the previous November. Burnley were one of the top sides in the country at that time with players such as Jimmy McIlroy, John Connelly and Jimmy Adamson and in they lifted the League Championship, pipping Wolves in a dramatic final game at Maine Road. Towards the end of the season he told Jimmy Hill that he and his wife had struggled to settle in the Midlands and he was keen to move back to the capital. Being a Teaching School means we play a key part in the school-to-school led system to support the improvement of all schools, including our own. Plus under 5s can take part for FREE!

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Coventry big fun

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