Fun facts about james armistead lafayette

Fun facts about james armistead lafayette

James Armistead Lafayette supplied crucial information to Generals Lafayette and George Washington that helped the Continental win the Battle of Yorktown; the battle that insured America's victory in the Revolutionary War. At that time, he chose to add "Lafayette" to his name to honor the general. I'm guessing you've heard this story. This 18th-century painting of the Marquis de Lafayette with James by his side demonstrates how important the former slave was to the general Tricking Charles Cornwallis After Benedict Arnold fled north, James moved into the camp of Britain's top general in the fight against the Americans, Gen. After obtaining his freedom he purchased a large farm in Virginia got married and started a family. Armistead often traveled between camps, spying on British officers, who spoke openly about their strategies in front of him.

Fun facts about james armistead lafayette

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