Isthmus fun facts

Isthmus fun facts

About 14, ships make the crossing between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans every year. The expansion project, expected to be completed in late , includes the creation of a new, larger set of locks and the widening and deepening of existing navigational channels. Before Balboa, his compatriot Rodrigo de Bastidas had visited the area in , and thus, is credited with the discovery of the Central American nation. Beaches on the other side of Mount Maunganui face the open ocean the Pacific , with dramatic waves that are popular with surfers. After the scandal, Eiffel retired from business and devoted himself to scientific research; Ferdinand de Lesseps died in In the late s Bunau-Varilla began lobbying American lawmakers to buy the French canal assets in Panama, and eventually convinced a number of them that Nicaragua had dangerous volcanoes, making Panama the safer choice.

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