Calebs funeral video

Calebs funeral video

Using the knowledge found in the Jedi Archives by Zannah, he was successfully able to remove Bane's orbalisk armor and save his life. At last Zannah complied and after Caleb healed Bane and removed the orbalisks , he made sure Zannah sent out a message to the Jedi Order that there was a Sith Lord on Ambria, waiting to be arrested. Later, she hid Bane and herself in an underground hiding spot of Caleb's, cloaking their presences in the Force. He turned away both Jedi and Sith , seeing himself as a neutral party and a healer to the common people. Darovit made a deal with Caleb to heal Bane, as long as Zannah turned herself and Bane in to the Jedi and deactivated their ship, the Loranda. Zannah, however, wished to save Bane and preserve the Order of the Sith Lords , therefore she killed Caleb and drove Darovit insane with her sorcery.

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Caleb, Gone But Never Forgotten (WK 248.2)


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Calebs funeral video

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