Funeral announcements port macquarie

Funeral announcements port macquarie

We might here mention that wheat was selling on 19th January, , at nine shillings and threepence in Windsor, and ten shillings a bushel in Sydney. For service to conservation and the environment, particularly preservation of native vegetation in southeastern NSW. A number of gentlemen followed as mourners, and a long train, composed principally of the inhabitants of the settlement, followed in succession. For service to the community through school, welfare, sporting and historical organisations. At the age of fifteen, he moved to Preston, Lancashire to live with his aunt and uncle, and took up work on a local newspaper. For service to the community of Hobsons Bay, particularly through environmental and performing arts projects. For service to architecture and urban planning, to the architectural profession, to local government and the community.

Funeral announcements port macquarie

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Arthur Loveday farewelled

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