Mera naam joker cast wiki

Mera naam joker cast wiki

Due to their professional rivalry, the song has a cult following since the film was released; the popularity of the song surpasses the popularity of the film. The circus is owned by Mahendra Singh Dharmendra who has understood Raju's potential and hires him. As luck would have it, Raju had a natural affinity towards the circus world. He invites the three ladies he was in love with, to watch his last performance. Later, lying in bed in his house, Raju imagines that Mary is fully naked, the naked scene shows that a woman is waving her clothes by a lake and her nudity is shown from behind, one of her breasts is partially shown and buttocks are shown clearly. Synopsis[ edit ] Mera Naam Joker is the story of Raju, considered the best circus clown ever. The first chapter is about an adolescent called Raju Rishi Kapoor and deals with his infatuation with his teacher, Mary Simi Garewal.

Mera naam joker cast wiki

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