Pegs and jokers game set

Pegs and jokers game set

Our playful 8-player Pegs and Jokers "Fiesta" set includes eight festive colored interlocking paddles and played with high quality 1" tall wooden pawns! Please allow business days for delivery. This is how the game gets its name, it annoys and aggravates the other players to no end! If your die score isn't landing your piece on your opponent's by an exact roll, but is high enough, you can jump over your opponent's piece and proceed further in the game. Countries outside the US will incur additional postage. Did you know our Pegs and Jokers game can also be played with marbles. Jokers are wild, enabling a player to take a marble or peg from Start and replace any marble or peg on the board with his or her own.

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Pegs and jokers game set

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